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While many know him from Shadow Divers, Richie Kohler is one of only four people to have been on the Titanic in a submersible and to dive her sister ship, the Britanic.

His new book "Mystery of the Last Olympian" details the three expeditions he has made to the Olympic and explores what caused this unsinkable improvement on Titanic to sink so quickly.  Richie will cover this and many other adventures exploring the worlds greatest shipwrecks.

Sponsor and Presenter Display area open from 10:00am to 6:30pm - Free
Evening Banquet Program
Evening Banquet Program: 6:30pm - 9:30pm: $40.00 - register before 9/14 $35.00
Richie Kohler     Bio
Diver, Host of Deep Sea Detectives,
Daytime Programs:
Daytime Programs: 9:30am - 4:30pm $35.00 - register before 9/14 $30.00
Malta Through the Ages
Marty & Maggie Bailey Bio

"Malta through the Ages."  A trip to Malta with the focus on history allowed us to discover Malta from the Megalithic age to the 20th century. When we started we didn't know that it was also an exceptional dive destination. Two wrecks from Marfa Point will be highlighted, as well as many of the top side attractions.
The Wreck of the "Griffin", The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lake
Joan Forsberg Bio

In the year 1679, the very first ship ever to sail on the upper Great Lakes (in this case, Lakes Erie, Huron, and Michigan) disappeared with its entire crew and valuable cargo; its loss nearly ruined the explorer, La Salle. To this day, more than 335 years later, the wreck of the "Griffon" has not definitively been found. It has become the most hunted -- and the most "found" -- shipwreck in the Great Lakes. This presentation relates the fascinating background story of this historic shipwreck, the excitement of possible discoveries, including the many claims that were definitely wrong -- and where the wreck is likely located if it has not yet been found
Researching Shipwrecks Using On-Line Databases
Walter Lewis Bio

So, you want to know how to identify a shipwreck. Among other things, Walter manages one of the ”Big Three” Great Lakes Research Databases.  In this program he will explore how to identify a shipwreck using, Walter Lewis, Brendon Bailod, Gerry Metzler
He’ll also share several humorous stories of how the databases can bite you if you’re not careful.

Shipwrecks of Lake Michigan
Jitka Hanakova Bio

Explore the diversity of shipwrecks in the waters of Lake Michigan and dive on some of the most recent find in this body of water that houses the greatest number of shipwrecks of any of the Great Lakes.

Discovery and Exploration of the Schooners Montezuma and Venus
David Trotter Bio

Etched deeply into the history of the “Thumb” of Michigan are the Great Fires of 1871 and 1881. The fire of 1871 destroyed forests, farms, homes and families, and developed a great haze that covered large sections of Lake Huron.

The Schooner Montezuma departed from Chicago with 16,300 bushels of corn destined for Buffalo, New York. It was a voyage she would not complete, as the Schooner Hattie Johnson, sailing mid-lake, moved into the thick Lake Huron haze and plunged deeply into the portside of the Monetzuma on October 3, 1871. The loss of the 140’ Montezuma in deep water has preserved one of the oldest built vessels on the floor of Lake Huron. Intact, she is a shipwreck explorer’s dream and a delight for historians to enjoy. Share the excitement as we explore a ship that went missing for 145 years!

Grindstone City, Michigan, in the 1800’s, was the grindstone capital of the world, producing high quality grindstones used thoughout the country and overseas. Two long piers jutted out into Lake Huron to accommodate the loading of grindstones on scows, and then off loaded onto larger vessels in deeper water. These grindstones were then distributed worldwide. The Schooner Venus departed Grindstone City on October 2, 1887 with a full load of grindstones stacked on her deck and in her cargo holds, destined for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

With a captain and crew of five, the Venus sailed on to Lake Huron, into the Gales of October, and then into oblivion. Missing for more than 125 years, her intact image appeared on the sidescan sonar in deep water. Investigating and documenting this deep water shipwreck (300’) required extensive planning. Especially shooting the important video that tells the story of this amazingly intact shipwreck. The Venus is the only ship lost in Lake Huron while carrying a full load of grindstones. It is a Great Lakes adventure for all to enjoy!