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Shipwrecks and Scuba 2016 will be on a new date, October 15, and in a new location this year, Kalahari Resort & Water Park. Save the date and plan a long weekend with the family.

Ghost Ship of the White Hurricane
Join David for the exploration of the 436’ Steamer Hydrus. The Hydrus, missing for 102 years, was the last of the Great Storm of 1913 ships still missing on the U.S. side of Lake Huron. Her disappearance cost the lives of Captain Lowe and 21 crew members. “No lake master can recall in all his experience a storm of such unprecedented violence … it may be centuries before such a combination of forces may be experienced again.” – Lake Carriers’ Association Report 1913.
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Daytime Programs: 9:30am - 4:30pm $35.00 - register before 9/14 $30.00
David Trotter     Bio
Shipwreck Explorer, deep diver, author, lecturer and photographer
Scott Stitt   Bio
Hard Hat Diver, Underwater Archaeologist, Cave Diver, Trimix Instructor
Clandestine Dives on the Wrecks of the Hamilton and Scourge
Hamilton and Scourge were a pair of armed U.S. Navy schooners from the war of 1812. Both foundered and sank in a sudden squall on August 8, 1813. Located in 1973 during a search initiated by Dr. Dan Nelson an associate archaeologist with the Royal Ontario Museum, today they rest in three hundred feet of cold, dark, murky water in the western end of Lake Ontario. In 1980 the City of Hamilton sought and was subsequently granted title to both wrecks. The City of Hamilton and the Ontario Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Recreation’s archaeology office zealously protected the wrecks. Keeping their exact location secret and misleading the diving public into believing that diving Hamilton and Scourge was a crime, they threatened that anyone caught diving the wrecks would have their equipment confiscated, be fined and even imprisoned. There was no such law, and they had no such authority. Discovering this deception in 1999, Scott Stitt would assemble a small, intrepid and highly skilled team willing to take on the challenge of diving Hamilton and Scourge. Together, the team would relocate both wrecks, and clandestinely conduct a total of ten dives over the course of the next three years without being discovered. This is their story.
Chris Kraska Bio & Peter Wytykowski Bio
The Hunt for L72: How a chance meeting led to the solving of a WWII mystery
In the Spring of 2014 a conversation at MAST's spring conference led to the discovery of a destroyer sunk off of Malta during the height of WWII. This is the story of the ship, its historic service, it's tragic sinking, and how a collaboration between the son of a survivor and a team of shipwreck hunters solved the mystery of the ship's location after 73 years.
The beauty and sheer diversity of marine life is mind boggling. Macrophotography opens up an entire new world within this world! With macro, you might discover surprise elements of detail and beauty in otherwise mundane subjects. You can create unique, artistic, and even abstract images. You can never go underwater and state there is “nothing to shoot.”
Macro is in many ways easier than wide angle and other types of photography - both technically and with regard to composition.
This presentation will demonstrate several facets of macro photography:
• Why is macro so cool?
• Equipment needed
• Demonstration of working distance, plane of focus, and depth of field
• How to technically take the shot
• Composition issues specific to macrophotography
Many examples will be shown throughout the presentation. There will be ample time for questions after the talk. Please visit his website, The Aquatic for a free download of outlines of his talks.
David Heidemann Bio
Macro Underwater Photography:
Up Close and Personal
Roger Roth Bio
Diving Papua New Guinea
Join UW filmmaker Roger Roth as he takes you on a video tour of four world-class dive operations in Papua New Guinea, a land of adventure and mystery. Loloata Island Resort, Tufi Dive Resort, Walindi Plantation and the MV FeBrina all offer spectacular diving with large, swirling schools of jacks and barracuda, fabulous muck diving for rare and macro critters, walls and wrecks, and night dives on Tufi’s house reef with mating mandarinfish. You’ll see cuttlefish courting and mating then see how the female lays her eggs in the nooks of hard corals. Exciting baited shark dives with whitetip and gray sharks are part of FeBrina’s regular schedule and even without bait the sharks will intermingle with you while you are diving around the bommies. Some land tours can start with being chauffeured on outrigger canoes by the natives to their local villages where you’ll see the elders making their headdresses while younger fellows share their expertise in starting fires with sticks.
Georgann & Mike Wachter    Bio
Authors, Shipwreck Hunters, and Producers
Black Friday: The 100th Anniversary of the Great Storm of 1916
The name “Black Friday” was given to the date of October 20, 1916, after a violent storm sank 4 large ships and ended 51 lives on Lake Erie. The whaleback James B. Colgate, the lumber hooker Marshal Butters, the steamer Merida, and the barge D.L. Filer were all lost in a convergence of storms that created Lake Eire’s “Perfect Storm”.

We’ll tell you the story of the storm and the shipwrecks.  We’ll share the tale of two captains who were the sole survivors of their lost ships.  We'll join the Colgate's captain in the ships final moments. And, we'll share Georgann's original, moving poem, A Captain's Lament
Jim Kennard    Bio
Lost Steamship Discoveries of Lake Ontario
A look at five steamships lost off the southern shore of Lake Ontario between 1862 and 1926 discovered by our shipwreck exploration team during the past 10 years. The steamer Bay State built in 1852 and the oldest propeller drive steamer to have been discovered (2015) so far in Lake Ontario. The only two steel steamers Roberval (1916) and Nesbit Grammer (1926) lost in Lake Ontario. The mid lake burning of the steamer Samuel Hodge and the destruction of the Homer Warren by a fierce northwest gale
Valerie VanHeest    Bio
Frozen in Time: The Shipwreck John V. Moran
Join underwater explorer and author Valerie van Heest as she travels back in time and deep beneath Lake Michigan to explore the wreck of the John V. Moran, holed and sunk by the ice in February 1899 off West Michigan. She will share the trials of research, the frustration of the search, and the excitement as she and fellow teamates of the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association, discover and explore the most intact shipwreck in Lake Michigan.
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Ken Merryman    Bio
The Best of Lake Superior's Shipwrecks
Join Ken for a tour of Lake Superior's best dive sites and even one that is too deep to dive. From Duluth to Isle Royale, the Canadian North Shore, White Fish Bay, the Michigan Upper Peninsula and Apostle Islands, Ken will share his favorite shipwrecks and diving destinations. Lake Superior is the only Great Lake that has escaped the Zebra and Quagga mussel infestation, but still has reasonably good visibility. Wrecks are clean and structural details are easily visible. The presentation will include both recreational and tech diving destinations.
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