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The Crew of the  HL Hunley,  How did they die?

The diminutive, hand-powered HL Hunley was the first submarine ever to sink an enemy ship in combat, and it did so in 1864 during the heated final years of America’s bloodiest war. The little Confederate submarine disappeared immediately after its historic victory, leaving behind only a few muddled eyewitness reports and not a single physical clue to the cause of its own demise. It was recovered from beneath the ocean floor centuries later, in the year 2000, but the puzzle of its disappearance only deepened when the hull was opened to reveal that the remains of the crew were still seated peacefully at their battle stations, and seemed to be unharmed.
Rachel Lance
More than 80% of our oceans remain unexplored. We have done far more mapping and exploration on planet Mars and the moon's surface. Today’s technology has allowed us to explore the ocean depths more than at any other time in history. Ms. Moniz will talk about her work on several projects and expeditions including ancient shipwrecks, and underwater volcanoes, and how those same techniques and technologies are used in underwater crime scene investigations. She will discuss how the technology has advanced and what that means for the future of ocean exploration.
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Rhonda Moniz     Bio
From Ancient Shipwrecks to Underwater Forensics: The Tools, The Technology, and The Future
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Daytime Programs: 9:30am - 4:30pm $40.00 - register before 10/23  $35.00
Rum Run

It is the summer of 1928 and Prohibition is in full swing. Rum running along Lake Erie's southern shore is as hot as Atlantic's Rum Row. Daring rumrunners make mad dashes across the lake from Canada to remote coves and sleepy fishing villages dotting Ohio's shoreline with Coast Guard often in hot pursuit. Renee Durkee brings the 1920's roaring to life in this suspenseful, action-packed program about love and revenge.

When AB (Able Body) Seaman Rusty loses his job at the tug yard and cannot find work, everything he has worked for slips from his grasp. Desperate, he agrees to haul grape juice with his charter boat for the mysterious Trapani family's island vineyard to the mainland despite his suspicions it is not just juice.

When they offer him an opportunity to run illegal alcohol from Canada, he jumps at the chance, and his earnings grow along with his fame. As he slips into the underground world of rum running he soon realizes he is losing far more than his principles. He is jeopardizing his marriage and his safety. But getting out is not easy, and he soon finds himself the target of  hijackers and a sadistic, renegade Coast Guard captain.
Renee Durkee
Diving Lake Erie Shipwrecks
Cindy LaRosa & Kevin Magee
Ice Bound

An untold number of shipwrecks rest on the bottom of the Great Lakes.  Many of these were explored by earlier generations of divers but never identified.  Improvements in visibility and technology have warranted a fresh look at some of these previously explored sites.  There are several such shipwrecks in and around the Thumb Bottomland Preserve.  Join us as we use new technology and the improved visibility to document and identify the Schooner Arctic.  The shipwreck is resting within the Thumb Bottomland Preserve, close to other popular dive sites and will be a great addition to the awesome dive sites, off the Thumb.  Later in the summer, we make a long run offshore to explore a pristine, rarely dove, steamer.  Upright and amazingly intact, this is a true Great Lakes treasure.  And last, we visit a wreck found right below our noses.  An amazingly intact wreck that sits within snorkeling depths just off Grindstone City, MI.  The remains of this shipwreck have many design features of the typical utility Mackinaw sailing vessel used in the thru out the  1800’s and early 1900’s.
Chris Roth
Eric Petrovic

Dive into the history of one of the most unique U-boats ever constructed.A modified Type VII-C German U-Boat nicknamed “Black Panther”, U-1105 was one of only 13 submarines outfitted with an experimental rubber skin known as Alberich. Designed to evade Allied SONAR, the skin was an early stealth technology. During U-1105’s only war patrol, she torpedoed the British frigate HMS Redmill killing 32 crewmen. U-1105 surrendered at Loch Eriboll, Scotland at the end of World War Two and was a sought after war prize for study of its unique rubber skin. After radar, snorkel, and noise trials by the British Royal Navy, U-1105 was transferred to the US Navy which used U-1105 for explosive testing. A 250-pound depth charge sent U-1105 to the bottom of the Potomac River in 1949 for the sixth and final time. U-1105 remained lost to history until she was re-discovered in 1985 in 91 feet of water. U-1105 is the most accessible U-boat off the US East Coast.
Chris Roxbough
Exploring Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes

Showcases Chris' amazing underwater photography with videos, photos and historical information as well as diving stories to share.  Chis gets over 1,000,000 hits a month on his facebook page. Come see his photos, videos, and hear his stories.
Rachel Lance tells the story of the science behind the explosions, gunshots, asphyxiation, and myriad other physiological insults that could have affected the crew of the Hunley that cold night in February 1864, all connected by the tale of the submarine and now-Doctor Lance’s mission to complete the experiments. And most importantly, she finally answers one of American history’s most haunting questions: What sank the HL Hunley?
Davey Bones Scuba
Aqua Amigos
A guide to diving the historic shipwrecks of Lake Erie, ranging from the shallow wrecks around the western islands, to the more intact shipwrecks off Cleveland, to the very intact vessels found in the eastern basin off Erie, PA.
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Blue Eyes Below Dusty Klifman
Scuba Divers Uncensored
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