NUMA, The National Underwater Marina Agency -- shipwreck hunting with Clive Cussler
Ralph Wilbanks   Bio

Have you read any of Cussler's Sea Hunter books?  Ralph is the man who did the hunting. (Could he be the inspiration for Al Giordino?)  Ralph shares great first had stories of the history, the hunt, and the discovery of these historic shipwrecks.

Yes, Virginia, or should I say OHIO, there is a NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency).  In Clive Cusslerís bestselling Dirk Pitt novels, Dirk works for NUMA.  In real life Ralph works for NUMA. The 501-C3 organization has been around since the late 1970ís when Clive began to search for the lost maritime history of the United States. Its sole purpose is to locate and bring to the publicís attention our maritime past by locating historic shipwrecks. 

From the first submarine to sink a warship, to the ship that picked up the survivors of the Titanic, NUMA has launched a multitude of projects since before itís official inception.  Some of the searches were successful, like finding the General Slocum, and some were not -- like the 10 year search for Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 in Lake Michigan.  This presentation will give you an overview of life on the go with NUMA and Clive Cussler.

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Eriewrecks - Georgann & Mike Wachter
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70th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion
Shipwrecks of World War II & More
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Ralph Wilbanks
Marine Archaeologist, Shipwreck Hunter.
Southern Gentleman
Aftermath on the bottom -- The Normandy Invasion
Itís been 70 years since the invasion of Normandy, France when 156,000 Allied troops landed and began their march across Europe to defeat Hitler. On D-Day, June 6, 1944 more than 9,000 Allied soldiers were killed or wounded; but more than 100,000 soldiers gained a crucial foothold in Normandy.  On D-Day and the days following, a 50-mile stretch of French coastline was overtaken by man and machine. In total there were 170,000 vehicles and 5,000-plus ships, including 702 war ships.

The beaches of Normandy have a story to tell.   To honor those who served a massive survey and archeological effort is underway and Ralph Wilbanks is one of the primary members of the survey team. Covering approximately 500 square kilometers, this is the largest continuous survey of this type ever completed in the region. The survey is building a complete database of the area based around the five invasion beaches of D-Day.  The volunteers are sharing their professional expertise to preserve the Normandy beachesí history as well as capture 3D images of the historic assets.
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Survivors:  The Great Storm of 1913
Walter Lewis Bio

Most of the commemorations of the Great Storm of 1913 are focused on the sailors who lost their lives and some of the largest ships ever lost on the Great Lakes.  This presentation celebrates the survivors.  Some of them ended up ashore, to be salvaged and put back to work.  Others found a corner of the Lakes to lie up in or limped into port coated in ice.  A number of the steamers survived this storm only to be lost  on one or even two other occasions.  There are shallow wrecks and deep wrecks, and even one in Italian waters.
Operation Hailstorm - The Shipwrecks of Chuuk Lagoon
Georgann & Mike Wachter Bio

Chuuk Lagoon, known as Truk Lagoon during WWII, is the premier wreck diving destination in the world.  On February 17, 1944 the tropical skies over Truk Lagoon exploded with rage as U.S. Navy, Task Force 58 - a group of 7 battle ships, 9 aircraft carriers and a host of cruisers, destroyers and subs launched an attack on Truk Lagoon.  Mike and Georgann will take you back in history to explore the shipwrecks of Chuuk and the events leading to their loss.
The R.H. Rae -- 150 Years of History
Durrell Martin Bio & David Mekker Bio

August 2009 marked the 150th year since the R.H. Rae was lost in a "white squall" in Lake Ontario off Point Traverse.  Join members of the NDA as they explore this historic wreck on her sesquicentennial.
Join us as we dive back into her historyÖ.from her launch in 1857 to being visited by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his team in 1980. She holds many secrets, having been lost only a year after her launch even though she was outfitted with some of the newest technology of the time - like Self-Reefing Topsails and Double Bulkheads.  The Rae also has many local connections to the Niagara area, having been built in St. Catharines.  We will look at her loss and those that searched for and found the Rae.
Joe Hoyt
NOAA Marine Archaeologist,
Bay Area Diver,
Marine Photographer
Hitler's Secret Attack on America
One of Bay Area Divers own, Joe Hoyt has gone on to fame with NOAA's National Geographic special, Hitler's Secret Attack on America.

Joe will share the secrets of how, for the first time in history, National Geographic Channel and NOAA's (National Ocianic and  Atmospheric Administration)  group of scientists searched the ocean floor for a series of shipwrecks many Americans never heard about. Everyone knows that on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. But what most don't know is just days later, Hitler sent his own force to devastate the East Coast. On December 19, the German Naval War Staff sent three U-boats to American waters. It was an assault so deadly, it was covered up by the U.S. government
Raja Ampat - Papua Paradise
Rudy Whitworth    Bio

Raja Ampat is the world center of marine biodiversity and needs to be on every diverís bucket list!
In the presentation, Rudy will share images of the outstanding reefs and sea life as well as specialized fish and critters. Examples are mantas, sharks, pipefish, seahorses, sea moths,sea spiders as well as unique shrimps, crabs, flatworms and nudibranchs. Rudy will also talk about the quality of the  Eco resort with itís excellent house reef diving and dive facilities.This show also includes a dive on a WWII P-47 airplane.
Shipwrecks of Thunder Bay
Joe Hoyt

The shipwrecks of NOAA's Thunder Bay Marine Preserve constitute a microcosm of the Great Lakes commercial shipping industry spanning the last two hundred years. The collection reflects transitions in ship architecture and construction, from wooden schooners to early steel-hulled steamers, as well as several unusual vessel types. Joe will explore the wrecks and  diving in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Great Lakes Shipwrecks of the World Wars
Joan Forsberg Bio

Although the Great Lakes, in the heart of North America, did not see any direct military engagements with our enemies during the two World Wars, the freshwater seas made enormous contributions to help win those wars. There were also several war-related shipwrecks in the Great Lakes during those years. How did a ship taken for use in World War One become a shipwreck in two of the Great Lakes? How did a World War One German U-boat end up on the bottom of Lake Michigan off Chicago? How could two ships carrying war supplies sink on the same night in 1944 at opposite ends of Lake Erie? These questions, plus many more, are answered in this dramatic presentation about a surprisingly overlooked topic.
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