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Evening Banquet Program
Evening Banquet Program: 6:30pm - 9:30pm: $40.00 - register before 9/14 $35.00
Sponsor and Presenter Display area open from 9:00am to 6:30pm - Free
Dinner Program Keynote Speaker

Jill Heinerth     Bio
Cave diver, underwater explorer, writer, photographer and film-maker
From Florida To Bahamas & Bermuda, Caves of The Western World
If you're fascinated by what divers are having to do to rescue the soccer team stranded in a water filled cave in Thailand, Jill Heinerth can take you where few have ever gone. She will share the challenges, breathtaking beauty, and risks of exploring inner earth. Along the way you’ll visit many of the caves of the world and boldly go where few have gone before.
Kayla Martin     Bio
Diver, Explorer, Speaker, Photographer
Seventeen year old Kayla Martin will offer a 10 minute short, sharing her experiences coordinating a major event for Women’s Dive Day on the Saint Lawrence River.

Daytime Programs:
Daytime Programs: 9:30am - 4:30pm $35.00 - register before 9/14 $30.00
Canada's 150th in Fathom Five
Durrell Martin Bio & David Mekker Bio
The “Sweepstakes” is the most visited shipwreck in all the great lakes. Launched in 1867, the same year that Canada became a nation, made her the perfect location for divers to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday this past year.
From the bowsprit of the Arabia to the sinking of the Niagara II, join David & Durrell as they dive into the history of 22 shipwrecks that make up the Fathom Five National Marine Park.
Jim & Pat Stayer    Bio
WWII Airplane Wrecks of Papa New Guinea
World War II came to the Australian territory of Papua New Guinea in January 1942 when the Imperial Japanese Army invaded Rabaul in New Britain, followed shortly after by the taking of Kavieng in New Ireland. The invasion turned Papua New Guinea into a major theatre of war in the battle for the Pacific, and there were many brutal encounters between the invading Japanese and the defending Allied forces. To defend their communication and supply lines in the South Pacific, The Allies, supported a counteroffensive in New Guinea, isolated the Japanese base at Rabaul, and counterattacked the Japanese in the Solomons. In a campaign of attrition fought on land, on sea, and in the air, the Allies wore the Japanese down, inflicting irreplaceable losses on Japanese military assets
Ric Mixter    Bio
What's on Your Bucket List
Imagine your most fantastic dream.  A low-level bomb run over Germany.  A helicopter rescue on Lake Huron.  Diving the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Pulling nine G’s in a F-16.  Flying the Goodyear Blimp.  Hunting alligators with Ted Nugent.  Parachuting out of an airplane at 12,500 feet.  Diving with sharks.  Bungee Jumping.  Been there, done that… and he brought a camera- so now YOU can share the same experience from the safety of your recliner or, in this case, our conference room chair.
Jim Paskert    Bio
The Life and Times of the Steamer Margaret Olwill
She wasn’t fast, she wasn’t pretty - under powered and overworked – for 12 years the steam barge Margaret Olwill nevertheless managed, albeit barely, to make a living for her owners, captain and crew until a NE gale abruptly put an end to a lackluster career and the lives of 9 people.  The presentation details the realities, risks and rewards of everyday life on the Great Lakes in the last years of the eighteenth century.
Kayla Martin    Bio
The Love of Diving: Inviting a new generation of divers!
As a non-diver, or someone thinking of taking up diving, have you ever wondered what lies beneath the waves? Experience the joy of exploring the world beneath the waves through the eyes of a young diver.
Jill Heinerth    Bio
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence in Exploration
What is happening on the leading edge of dive exploration? The worlds foremost female cave diver will teach us about the future technologies used in cave diving around the world.
Aqua Hut
Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Not Normal Designs
David Trotter    Bio
Ghost of Lake Huron - Discovery of the last Whaleback: The Steamer Clifton
Last seen off 40 Mile Point in northern Lake Huron, the 308’ Clifton was reported to be taking on water over her decks, but “making good weather of it”. Capt. Cunning and the crew of the Tug Favorite became the last people to see the Steamer Clifton as she sailed into oblivion, and into Great Lakes history. Starting in 2002, It would be 14 years and thousands of survey hours before David Trotter and his team would solve the mystery of her location and what happened to Capt. Gallagher, the crew and the Steamer Clifton.

Share the excitement of locating one of the Great Lakes greatest missing ships, and the excitement of exploring and solving the mystery of the lost Clifton and her crew of 28 men and women.

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